How To Rebuild Your Wardrobe

If you have often caught yourself saying you don’t have anything to wear, it might be time to rebuild your wardrobe. It’s likely that you bought your current wardrobe pieces on impulse or at a bargain, only to realize later that they are not your style or don’t work with other items. The good news is you can rebuild your entire wardrobe. 

If your wardrobe needs an entire overhaul, rebuild it in sections taking care of the basics first and the rest later. Make sure you choose your basics well since they will give you many outfit options to choose from as you build on the rest of your wardrobe. 

To help you create your dream wardrobe, we have compiled a list of essential clothing categories to guide you. Keep in mind what your daily routines look like and which activities you spend the most time on, to inform your wardrobe choices.

Your basics provide a foundation for all other wardrobe pieces. Basics could include tank tops, leggings, innerwear, plain tees, and plain button-down shirts. To make sure your basics can work with other pieces, choose neutral colors like Brown, White, and Black so that you can easily layer them up. Here is a list of 10 basics you can start with.

workwear top

If you work from home your work outfit may look different from someone who goes to the office. For instance, you may need to prioritize updating your tops first and then buying comfortable bottoms such as joggers and sweatpants. On the other hand, if you work from your company's office, your style may include smart casual wear with different types of jeans to button-down shirts and sneakers. It may also include pencil skirts for a more official look. Browse through our workwear collection for office outfit ideas.

Spruce up your party fits

Depending on your style, your party outfits may range from the little black dress to jeans and a crop top. Whichever style you love, select a couple of pieces that can work together, and consider your shoe styles and accessories too. You can find party outfit ideas from our Insta-glam collection.

nalani brunch dress

We all do brunch differently, some people like going all out, and others prefer to dress casually but trendy. Select two to three of your favorite brunch looks and aim for those pieces. Make sure to get pieces in your color palette so that they can work with your other wardrobe pieces. 

Special Occasion Pieces

ankara fits

Ever had a last-minute special occasion but had nothing to wear? Same. This is why it’s so essential to have a wardrobe with pieces that can be dressed up for special occasions. Different occasions may require different dress codes from Ankara outfits to Cocktail dresses. Here are some Ankara outfit ideas you can select from.

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