Staff Style : Working it With Wanja

Who says your work wardrobe has to be boring? Meet Wanja, our data analyst, her style is anything but serious. She takes us through her style, what inspires her daily fashion picks, and her wardrobe evolution journey.

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Tell us about this look

 "I love this outfit. I tend to go for darker colors - black is my favorite color so you can already imagine what my wardrobe looks like. But I decided to be brave and add a pop of color to my dress. It looks laid back but playful and I couldn’t be more pleased."


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What inspired it? 

"I was going for a casual look with a playful touch which is why I went for a free floral dress. The day seemed a bit cloudy so the denim and boots came in handy. It’s a simple comfortable outfit that makes me feel powerful and cute at the same time."

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How does your style alternate from the office to the streets?

"I can’t say my style changes, it only changes when I’m going for themed events because then I need to dress up in the said theme. Otherwise, my style at work and outside is pretty much the same."

How did you build your wardrobe?
"I cleared out my entire wardrobe during Covid, I just needed a fresh start. My friend sent me a list of wardrobe basics I could start with, and it was such a good idea. I would recommend shopping for basics first and building on that. (Read the 10 wardrobe basics every girl needs)."
Do you have a wardrobe color palette?
"Yes, black and neutrals."
If you could only pick 3 wardrobe pieces, what would they be?
Sneakers which would of course also be in black 😊."
If you could steal someone's style from the office, who would it be and why?
"I would pick Nyambura's (head merchandiser) style since we have the same style and color palette 😊."

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